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Patent Searches

We understand the need of an hour which is thorough analysis of your ideas/concepts/innovations. We do worldwide patent searches in 120+ countries covering different Languages in over 50+ domains. Our experts do searches on Paid or Non-paid Patent databases which provides to determine patentability of a concept, figure out the latest trend in a particular technology, understand competitive technologies, mitigate infringement risk while launching a new product, to find out unexplored area of research to develop a new technology. We worked on patent searches with all sort of players in the ecosystem . We provide different kinds of Patent Searches for better and effective analysis for your innovations:-

  • State of the art search
    A state of the art search is the broad- ranging patent search and helps to gain a complete overview of a particular technical field. A State of the Art Search is used to understand the procedure both- IP and corporate level – and can very well serve the long term benefits. The plan is to achieve a big picture of the state of play in a defined technology area.
  • Patentability search and Analysis
    To obtain a patent protection, a potential invention must be new (novel), useful, and non-obvious. A Patentability Search, called a Patent Novelty Search is a search of prior art (the body of pre-existing knowledge) conducted on behalf of a potential patent applicant. Basically, a patentability search is performed before a patent application is prepared. Moreover to determining patentability, this search will also:
    • Improve the patent drafter to write a patent application that enhance defines the inventive contribution of the new product over the prior art.
    • Gear up prosecution by preempting examiner rejections.
    • Improve the defensibility of the future patent by ensuring that the Examiner considers the most relevant prior art during prosecution. Ataraxia IP comprehensive patentability search and analysis of an invention involves searching worldwide databases for relevant prior art references based on identified novel elements of the invention and analyzing each of the references against the novel elements.
  • Patent validity and Invalidation search
    A Patent Validity Search or Patent Invalidity Search is an exhaustive Prior Art Search conducted after patent issuance. A patent validity/invalidity search is mainly conducted for the satisfaction of the client who is more concerned about his product to infringe a particular patent. The patent validity & Invalidation Search is always conducted to ensure about the date limitations of the subject patent. At, Ataraxia IP, we conduct these searches in subscribed databases, gather information from prosecution history or file wrapper and relevant literature.
  • Freedom to operate search
    Freedom to Operate searches (also called Clearance Search or Right to Use Search) identify potential patent barriers to the commercialization of products or technologies or services. Freedom to Operate (FTO) search is done to determine if we have complete freedom to operate. Meaning, to determine the risks of infringement of patents in a particular region/country so that one can take a particular action, like launching, developing, or producing a product or service, without infringing the IP rights of others. Ataraxia IP will identify published applications and unexpired patents that could possibly indicate a risk of infringing upon an already disclosed invention, product or process. FTO search will also help clients to determine if the product or service they are pursuing is in the public domain. At Ataraxia IP, region country-specific comprehensive FTO searches are conducted by technical experts having extensive patent search experience along with various patent search strategies,wherein pending patent applications as well as granted patents are analyzed.
  • Knock out search
    KnockOut Search is our 4-hour prior art search [includes both patent and non-patent literature] with minimal reporting format and that provides you closest possible prior art results to an idea that you or your team or your client just brainstormed. The search performs at an initial phase of ideation towards the overall development of the product. The Knockout search is specifically to do a quick patent and non-patent documents that may challenge the validity of the claims of a subject in order to discover prior art at the patent examination during the first examination report it an invaluable tool when it comes to litigation and licensing related negotiations.
  • Landscape search
    Patent Landscape helps to get an overview of a particular technology or domain, its evolution, the competitors, chronological developments in the domain and provide details on latest trends and specific development in the industry.
    • Technology Strength
    • Technology white Space Technology
    • Leaders and their IP Strategies
    • Technological Positioning of companies and their chronological changes
    • Strengths and Weaknesses of Patent Portfolio
    • Innovative focus of Companies
    • Filling trends of companies in a technology domain
    • Foreign Filing Trends., etc.
  • Non patent literature search
    Non-Patent Search retrieves published information that is crucial for any stage of a product lifecycle. Ataraxia IP is well equipped to provide a thorough overview of existing prior arts to save time, maximise quality and scope of your patents.
  • White space literature search
    The White space analysis search gives a better insight of what has not been explored till date in respect of a particular technology. This analysis of the technology and its area of growth where the R&D can be executed in a competitive edge and gives an incremental innovation for new concepts. Our thorough analysis & white-space report of technology enable our clients to identify the future potential research areas. Our expert professionals can very well prepare the draft report with intensive research and analytics.
  • Chemical structure search
    The Chemical Structure Search helps mainly to discover chemical entities or similar to chemical compounds of interest. This search is more reliable with the help of relevant synonyms of the chemical structure we are proceeding for. We provide an effective search strategy used in patent databases to dig out each relevant prior art reference. Chemical structures are discovered by doing an exact search, substructure search, family search, fragmentation search and other means including searching by molecular formula, CAS Registry Number, ring size and other chemical attributes.
  • Bio sequence search
    The biotechnology is a fast-paced field and so the patents related to bio-sequences. This includes nucleotide sequences (DNA or RNA) or amino acids sequences (peptides or proteins). Searching biological sequences in patents required special skill sets.

Patent Drafting

Patent Drafting is an art of creating the concepts/idea in a detailed document regarding the invention. This enhances the drafting/writing specification containing the aspects of the invention in the field of invention, background, summary, detailed description, concept drawings, abstract and patent claims for which protection is sought.

Importance of Patent Drafting

It is crucial that drafter perceived the invention in detail, claims of usefulness and distinguish features from similar existing products or processes. If there would be any gap in the drafting application, this will increase the chances of the application being denied or delayed unnecessarily by the Patent office.

  • Provisional
    The provisional patent specification is a basic draft which is filed to secure a priority date for invention/Idea. Provisional Specification is filed when an inventor is about to finalise his invention. Provisional Specification is not a full fledged information of the invention. It contains several descriptions of the invention, its field of application and anticipated result.
Why is Provisional Filling important?

A provisional application will be crafted in a short span of time which will give a user an advantage of ‘First-to-file’ which means that the inventor who first files provisional specification which secures the invention and targets the similar concept for a patent being applied later by another inventor. Also, an advantage of filing provisional applications is that the inventor will get time to arrange funds and test the concept feasibility in the market.

  • Non provisional
    When it comes to drafting patent applications in various countries, we draw on our market-wide experience and legal expertise. Our team will keep you informed about the concept and commercial goals in order to draft a well- designed and comprehensive patent application.The whole purpose of the complete specification is to draft the application in order to secure the investor’s right. We serve you with the best intellectual property rights and IP services in different countries.

Filling & Prosecution

  • Multi country filling
    It is possible to “extend” the protection claimed in your invention (subject matter of the patent application at Patent Applications in other jurisdictions, such as the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, China, Korea etc. and/or any other jurisdiction of interest. The options which are available to you and may be explored are as follows:

    All over the world is a signatory to the Paris Convention since 1998 and any application filed under the Patents Act (the Act) may be considered as “basic application”. A convention application receives the same treatment as if filed by a national of that particular country. In case a patent is granted to the convention application, the patentee has the same protection and the legal remedies against any infringement as provided to a national of that particular country.
  • Patent Coopertaion Traety (PCT) application
    The purpose of PCT is to provide an integrated platform for filing patent application/s in each member state by filling a single application (international or PCT application). After filing a patent application in various countries, before the expiry of 12 months from the date of filing, a PCT application can be filed with the International Bureau (IB) of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) or at the Patent Office as Receiving Office. Thereafter, application moves to national or regional application/s in member states within 30/31 months from the date of priority.

    After filing an international application, the applicant has to file national or It is pertinent to mention that the PCT application does not provide “international patent protection”, as there is no such provision.
  • Prefered course of action
    Ataraxia IP provides end-to-end support to their client throughout the process of filing patent application in various countries, along with the prosecution support required afterwards. We have a thorough understanding of processes and a huge experience of filing provisional and non-provisional patent applications in various countries.

    Our experienced team includes patent professionals in various countries, who are well versed with the prevailing patent laws & patent prosecution procedures of the Respective Patent Office. This has made our practice in patent filing and prosecution, cost and quality efficient. We assist Individual Inventors/Corporates/Universities/Professors etc. to file and prosecute patent applications in various countries.

Patent Revocation/Transfer/Assignment

Patent Revocation – Through our revocation support, we help clients remove patent hurdles to business and create free to operate markets globally. Our strategic opinions and detailed research help our clients make informed patent decisions.

Other Services

  • Patent monitoring
    Patent Monitoring services allow you to gain the knowledge you need to put your plans into motion.
  • Patent innovation watch
    The relevant patents are then categorizedinto a technology framework as per client’s requirements and provided along with vital information.
  • Commercialisation support
    We believe in equalizing your IP assets with optimized investment returns. Be it the case of licensing-out your IP rights or a proposition of licensing-in patents for your product requirements, Ataraxia IP understands your accurate needs. We specialize in assisting companies and individual inventors in all aspects of monetizing their intellectual property, including strategic advisory services, licensing.

    Patent asset evaluation and due diligence. Team at Ataraxia IP is well versed with all state of the art tools and extensive experience in various IP Monetizing services.
    • Patent mining and asset ranking
    • Infringement search and analysis
    • Evidence of use / Claim charting
    • Ip due diligence
    • Technology evaluation study
    • Product analysis and reverse engineering
  • Drafting and illustration / drawing support
    Ataraxia IP is one of the leading Patent consultant firm base in Delhi, India. We provide Patent registration services in Rohini, Pitampura, Netaji Subhash Place, Shalimar Bagh, North-West part of Delhi, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc. Ataraxia IP has a team of patent experts, drafts person, designers and illustrators who can draft Provisional or Non-Provisional Patent applications and/or some specific sections of patent applications. We understand the concerned area of technology and provide the client with reliable and accurate guidance and services in a comprehensive manner that they can understand.
    • Utility patent drafting
    • Patent drawing
    • Office action response
  • Docketing and paralegal support
    It is crucial for an organization to effectively manage its IP Assets. We, at Ataraxia IP, have the expertise and tools that can deliver in areas including docketing, paralegal support, patent proofreading, IP due diligence support, document procurement, data verification and IDS management.
    • Docketing and deadline alerts
    • Prosecution status / legal monitoring
    • Patent data verification
    • Information Disclosure Statements (IDS)
    • Patent Proofreading
    • Patent term adjustment
    • Patent application format conversion
    • File wrapper / history analysis
  • Patent
    Ataraxia IP takes responsibility for managing all or part of the patent portfolios of a company or a law firm’s clients, with timely payment of the patent annuities required to keep them in force. We maintain a current copy of each portfolio as it changes over time. According to mutually agreed processes, we commit to prompt payment of the annuities and confirm they have been applied.

    You receive regular payment reminders for your annuities, few months before the due date, containing the information needed to decide whether to maintain your rights. Other reminder dates can be set on request. Reminders can be customized and grouped by patent family, country and/or by patent owner. We offer separate reminders for each of your internal cost centers.

    Our fee depends on the number of patent annuity payments we maintain on your behalf and on the payment method you choose. Of course our team is always pleased to help to be certain you are well-informed.