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About Us

Ataraxia IP is a comprehensive intellectual property firm based at Delhi India with clients from all geographies and ethnicities. We follow highest standards of ethics in our endeavour to offer excellent assistance to our clients based across the globe. Our unequivocal loyalty and commitment to protect their interests has been unparalleled throughout these years. As a result of this, we have been able to deliver successful and pragmatic outcomes for our clients in all our services.

Why Name Ataraxia IP:

According to oxford dictionary Ataraxia Means freedom from anxiety and the state of tranquillity or imperturbability.

While thinking about the name of our IP firm we were very clear that it should always be very calming. And We also knew that nothing can be more calming for us than our clients to be stress free.

In Ataraxia IP we make sure that you always feel serene. With more than a decade years of excellent experience of our team, we offer an exceptional capability in maintaining an acceptable cost to quality matrix in the region.

Ataraxia IP differs from the other IP firms in INDIA as we always focus on the quality of work and offers Integrated modern, cutting-edge technologies with proprietary techniques to augment the firm’s service.

We are working with the foremost aim of maintaining quality standards in our brand protection services. This has been the prime factor for our growth and success. This approach has also enabled us to offer tailored services while keeping in mind the exact demands of our clients.