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Industrial Designs, Protected Shapes & Features, Representations & Layouts, Product Liability, Ic Layout Designs

We conduct searches and provide clearance opinions with respect to availability of industrial designs for use as well as registration based on the Design Office database search results, online investigations, market enquiries and surveys.

We assist clients in preparing representations for two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional designs, embedded designs, article-sets, etc. and in drafting novelty statements and disclaimers for the purpose of obtaining registration.

We assist clients in filing design applications (including reciprocity applications), preparing response to office actions, attending hearings, obtaining registrations, renewals and maintenance of design portfolios, etc. We represent our clients in contentious matters involving industrial designs before the Designs office including cancellation actions, rectifications, etc.

We provide counselling to the clients in relation to aesthetic features and points of novelty of designs and their registrability and appropriate classification for registration. We advise and assist clients on transactional activities such as commercialization of designs, drafting and reviewing assignment and licensing agreements, evaluation and payment of stamp duty, etc. We assist clients in obtaining registration for Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Layout Designs.

Geographical Indication, Plant Variety & Integrated Circuit Registration Services

Geographical Indications are signs, which identify a good as originating in a particular territory or a region or locality, where a given quality, reputation or other characteristic of the good is essentially attributable to its Geographical origin.” It can also be defined as a sign used on goods that have a specific Geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that is due to that place of origin.
A Geographical Indication is registered for a period of ten years and the registration may be renewed from time to time on payment of renewal fee.

With the backing of in-depth familiarity with these services at various levels, our team of attorneys understands the processes very well and has worked through the entire life-cycle of these forms of protection. Our research skills, scientific knowledge and legal proficiency allow us to offer unmitigated, unique services in all allied species of Intellectual Property (IP) internationally, and around the world. Geographical Indications (GI) of goods are indications of quality, reputation or characteristics of the goods connected with the region from which the goods originate. They are names, signs or other representations used for goods having certain qualities as they originate from a specific place, city or geographical territory. The name, Mysore Silk, is an example of a GI because it refers to silk originating from Mysore and has certain qualities and reputation associated with it.

The name associated with the goods might not be the name of the geographical area or region. It is sufficient if the name is associated and recognized with the geographical area. Pashmina Shawls is an example of a geographical indication that does not refer to the name of the place from which they originate, which is Kashmir.

Products, whose quality and characteristics are dependent on the natural or environmental factors in a geographical region, are referred to as Appellations of Origin. A plant variety will be eligible for protection if it is novel, distinct, uniform stable.

Trade Secrets & Confidential Information, It& Data Privacy, Cyberlaw & E-Commerce, Royalty, Licensing & Franchising

We advise our clients with respect to the suitability and sufficiency of company policies, guidelines and infrastructure in protecting the company’s trade secrets and confidential information. We also advise and assist clients in identifying and marking trade secrets and confidential information, alerting the accesses of information about the nature of the information and the steps to be taken for protection of such information.

As part of our enforcement strategy, we regularly advise our clients to employ preventive and deterrent measures such as signing of non-disclosure agreements by visitors, conducting exit interviews, non-competition clauses in employment agreements, grant-back of intellectual property, monitoring the flow of information and data from company, etc. We represent and assist our clients in handling cases pertaining to unauthorized loss of trade secrets and confidential information, espionage, misappropriation of confidential information, breach of confidence, theft, misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, unlawful gains, unauthorized access, conspiracy, unfair trade and anti-competitive practices, etc.

We represent and assist our clients in taking strict court litigation actions against unauthorized loss of trade secrets and confidential information, which includes filing lawsuits for civil as well as criminal remedies, obtaining injunctions, etc. We also assist our clients in preparing, drafting, reviewing and revising Confidentiality Agreements, Employment Contracts, Non-competition Agreements, Non-disclosure agreements, internal policies, semi-exclusive license, collaborative Research & Development agreements, etc.

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